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Ambreasha Frazier
​Ambreasha is an organization efficiency expert with deep roots in the North Minneapolis community. She is the lead consultant and coach for organizations, collaboratives, and businesses – with a focus on education/youth development, economic development, and the wealth divide.

Born and raised in North Minneapolis, Ambreasha Frazier is an experienced professional with a 15-year history of working in community engagement, program development, economic community development, education, and community programs/services. She is skilled in strategic planning, process development & implementation, business & organizational alignment, data & technology enhancement, and grant-writing.

Seeing the dynamics of her urban community begin to shift, she learned about the breadth and depth of the forces at play—and the negative impacts driven by politics and exclusive community "engagement," public policy and development, institutional and systemic racism at numerous levels of hierarchy. She also saw redirected resources, disinvestment, underinvestment, lack of transformational corporate responsibility, and so much more. 

Driven to make an impact, Ambreasha earned a Master’s Degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Economic Community Development from the University of Minnesota-Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Most recently, she worked with Urban League Twin Cities, leading its North Plus African American Financial Capability Initiative collaboration, a national place-based initiative that is addressing the racial wealth divide through innovative strategies that make a collective impact. Ambreasha loves to play tennis, spending time in nature, traveling, hanging with family and friends, and she is a huge fan of Marvel movies and self-investment time. 


Out of these experiences in the social sector,
A. Frazier Consulting was founded.

  • Certified in Adaptive Strategic Execution by Duke Corporate Education in partnership with National Urban League – Emerging Leaders Program

  • Certified in Motivational interviewing by Minneapolis Community & Technical College 

Community Engagement
  • Served two years as Director of Membership & Community Engagement for the University of Minnesota - Black Alumni Network.

  • Currently serving as an Organizational Committee member for
    Solidarity – Twin Cities.

  • Served on Urban League Twin Cities Unity Ball Planning Committee, Family Day Planning Committee for two years (including serving one year as project manager of Family Day community event).

  • From 2011-2013, served on the Board of Directors as Vice Chair for a local youth nonprofit, EDIT, which focused on youth-led art projects to build awareness of social justice issues they are passionate about.

  • In 2015, served for two years on the Humphrey School of Public Affairs Alumni Board.

  • In 2014, served on the City of Crystal Human Rights Commission.  

Notable accomplishments
  • Urban League Twin Cities: managed a multi-year, culturally-anchored community-based nonprofit collaborative (African American Financial Capability Initiative/AAFCI) focused on leveraging collective impact strengths to address the racial wealth gap among shared participants⁠—policy analysis and discussion based in grassroots approach; helped develop and launch virtual "Real Talk" series and co-led the 2017 relaunch of the Young Professionals auxiliary

  • National Urban League Emerging Leaders Program: Served as a part of a research and consulting team for the revamp of the Arkansas Urban League and the launch of a new National Urban League affiliate—the Bay Area Urban League ​

  • University of Minnesota Alumni Association: Led the development and implementation of program strategies to connect students with recent graduates, including the creation of a new program called #UMNCareerChat on Twitter; recruiting alumni volunteers to increase social media engagement for recent alumni and current students to connect. Chats were then curated and saved for future reference for alumni and students to access; worked with marketing and communications team to brand the program

  • Grant-writing: Wrote and submitted grants with a nonprofit organization totaling $100,000, including a multi-year grant

(Fun Fact: *A. Frazier Consulting was originally founded in 2016 as a web design & process consulting firm). 

Some Highlights 

  • Over 15 years of experience working in the social sector ranging from small business resource consulting to administration to program development and management    

  • Supported nonprofits in developing Theories of Change & Logic Models contributing to strengthened partnerships & additional funding opportunities

  • Experience managing $200,000+ multi-year grant contributing to securing extended funding

  • Wrote & collaborated on numerous grant applications leading to $300,000+ in grant funding over the course of 3 years for an organization

  • Worked with nonprofits in researching, testing, and mapping out their needs for software and technology solutions to increase efficiency, engagement, and support internal  collaboration and streamlined processes 

  • and more!

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